Fun Safe Dog Toys…What Makes Them Really Safe?

There’s all sorts of dog toys on the market but are they safe? Are they practical? What good is a toy that your dog will tear up in 2 minutes or potentially hurt themselves with? So what really makes a Fun Safe Dog Toy safe? Sometimes finding a good safe toy is based on the dog’s personality. Are they gentle with toys? Or do they tend to try to break a new toy? I think for a toy to be safe the word “indestructible” is key here. But no matter what personality your dog has, all dogs should supervised with toys to play it safe. I remember trying out to find an indestructible frisbee but no matter which one I tried Xena would destroy it…even ones promoted as heavy-duty for chewers or indestructible. So I finally gave up on the frisbee idea and decided to find the right ball.

I thought finding the right ball would be easy. the first one I tried almost worked. It was a Jolly Pets Push-n-Play Ball 1 foot in diameter. She could not chew it or destroy it and this ball was fine for my other German Shepherds. But what happened in the long run…Xena had the potential to hurt her teeth as she used to try to actually push and lift the Jolly Pets Push-n-Play Ball with her teeth. So I decided to just take it away. Xena has an extreme personality when it comes to Jolly Pets Ball and actually loves and enjoys them too much! For most dogs though I’d recommend this ball and you can see it on the right. Xena is enjoying it in her pool and below in the featured toys and at our store section. So I bought her 6 inch Teaser Ball. It is indestructible as the Jolly Pets Push-n-Play Ball but much safer for Xena as she can carry it around due to the large holes or push safely around so it won’t hurt her teeth like the Jolly Pets Ball.

Both the Jolly Pets Push-n-Play Ball and Jolly Pet Teaser Ball come several colors and sizes. Below are just some of the many safe dog toys we recommend:

Indestructible Dog Toys:

Indestructible Dog Balls – Jolly Balls and Other Types: