New Dog Swimming Pools!
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Because Dogs love Pools!
All shapes and sizes...some are even
portable and store away easily for
winter and the colder months
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This pool is great for 1 large-breed dog

as well as 2 large dogs
- read our review
and view the video too!

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And introducing our sister site!
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Xena loves this pool...
Check out our Review
Page for more info and
to see what we think...
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A resource for Green
pet products, news and
info, funny German
Shepherd and other pet
videos and more!
Green Products are safe for them and good for the environment!
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learning resource for:
natural and green products for pets
information on going green
latest news
green natural pet product reviews
books about green living
And for fun we also offer funny pet videos and photos
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A resource for Portable Dog Swimming Pools, Green pet products, news and important pet info, funny German Shepherd videos plus other funny pet videos, free green e-cards and much more!

natural pet products
Dog Cooling Products for the warmer months
Pet Anxiety Help for Dog Anxiety and Scaredy Cats
Dog Attack Protection: Protect Pet From Vicious Dogs As This Can Lead To Anxiety

Four New Portable Dog Swimming Pools!

Dog Cooling Products for the warmer months

A New Way To Keep Your Pet Cool!

To keep my Chihuahua mix Sweetie cool this summer, I bought this portable Ice Fan Air Conditioner (or Ice Fan Cooler). When I left to do errands I’d used to leave the AC on for pets but found this energy-saving option that is for personal use (keeps people cool too) and great for keeping pets cool so for more info just click on the link to read the great reviews on Amazon about it:

Save $$ on Pet Items and Much More!

Did you know Amazon has a special area where you can find open boxed or used items that are discounted? That is how I bought many items in the past from wall panel heaters to even pet items. In some cases I paid a fraction of the cost. When I received these items many looked brand new so I truly believe in going this route first to make sure an item you need is not available for far lerss money. To see what is available just click on the graphic to see all…

New Pet Products
Dog Attack Protection: Protect Pet From Vicious Dogs
Discounts for Pet Products
Cat Anxiety Relief and Other Cat Products Including Natural Cat Products and Remedies

Dog Swimming Pools…All Types, Shapes and Sizes

The warm weather is here and doesn’t your dog deserve a nice swimming pool too? Dog swimming pools come in many shapes and sizes. Some are even the shape of a dog bone! And there’s so many types. For example, The Guardian Gear Splash About Dog Pool comes in 3 sizes for your puppy. The Portable Alcott Mariner PVC Lining Inflatable Dog Swimming Pool comes in 1 size but can hold 2 female German Shepherds (See our review below and where to get more info and/or purchase). These dog swimming pools are great. They are portable, durable and even fold up to store away in the colder months. Your dog will love it!

It’s the Big Dog Bone Swimming Pool

There’s quite a few types and sizes but they are all the shape of a dog bone or paw. Check them out here. These are built to last a long time! Below is an option on Amazon:

New Dog Swimming Pools...Click here!!

How To Register Your Pet as an Emotional Support Animal

Did you know that any animal can be an Emotional Support Animal? It’s not just limited to dogs but cats, ferrets, birds…even pigs and other types of animals can be Emotional Support Animals. By registering your pet as an Emotional Support Animal you will be protected in terms of housing and travel. But what are the right steps to proceed?

Our partner, Emotional Pet Registry, has the answers on how to proceed the correct way and answers questions such as “How does one get the required Emotional Support Letter?” To find out more just click below…

Thinking of Spaying/Neutering? You Better Read This First…

Dog Neutering and Spaying Too Young and The Bad Health Risks

New!! CBD Oil For Dogs and Cats: CBD (Cannabinoid) Biscuits, Liquid and Capsules Now Available For Your Pets

Click on the graphic below to see the cannabinoid (CBD) product we highly recommend. It helps dogs and cats as well as horses and other animals too. It is safe to use and made with organic, non-gmo hemp. Besides anxiety and pain it is used for cancer, seizures, arthritis, digestive issues, joint issues and much more. Vets recommend it for pets. And if you have pet insurance this cannabinoid (CBD) product including capsules and biscuits may be covered. Click below for more info:

Click here to find out about Pet CBD Products

Disclosure: This page includes some affiliate partner links which basically means if you do click a small commission may be earned where you would not pay extra and some of this money earned would be applied to keeping our web site(s) updated and maintained for all viewers. We do promote certain products and services at this site that we believe are great (we either use them or would use them). You can read our full Affiliate Disclosure, Disclaimer & Privacy Policy here
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Our Goal

Our goal is to provide info about what we can do regarding going green and our pets and suggest products that will enhance their health and let them have long happy lives as well as those that are good for the environment. Many people expose their pets unnecessarily to unsafe pesticides, medications with bad side effects and much more when they could use or at least try something that is natural first to see if it helps the issue at hand. We at know for a fact that natural products can work from personal experience. So we strive to communicate this to the world.

We are adding new Dog Swimming Pools including some Portable Dog Swimming Pools so please visit us periodically for the new pools and other info and products to keep your pet safe and happy.

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Animal Wellness Home Testing Kits

Did You Know Your Anxiety Can Effect Your Pets?

Why not try a natural remedy like this one to get anxiety under control? Or visit this site for many natural remedies for anxiety and other health conditions and to learn more about anxiety and its causes…

Featured Low Cost Pool

The Portable Alcott Mariner PVC Lining Inflatable Dog Swimming Pool comes in 1 size but can hold 2 female German Shepherds (See our review and where to get more info and/or purchase). These dog swimming pools are great. They are portable, durable and even fold up to store away in the colder months. Your dog will love it! Click here to read the review and for more info or to buy it click on the link below to see options on Amazon…watch the video too to see how much Xena and Zoey love this pool!:

Watch the video above to see how Xena enjoys this pool and how many German Shepherds can you fit in this great low cost portable pool! And there’s more low cost dog pool options…

and more new Dog Swimming Pools...below is an option on Amazon. Visit our Big Sturdy Bone Dog Pools – Dog Bone and Paw Swimming Pools page for all options...:
One Dog One Bone Dog Pool (Bone Shaped) Built to last and a big Indestructible Dog Toy for your pooch!

Dog Pool Float and Lounger
3 sizes and several colors to choose from

Outdoor Swimming Pool Bathing Tub for Pet and Kids Too - Portable Foldable - 3 Sizes

icon icon Outdoor Swimming Pool Bathing Tub icon
Best Toys for Active Dogs -

This partner has a lot of options for dog pools and other great products. To find out more please click on the graphic below:

Does your dog have Anxiety or Pain? If below...:

100% Natural Cannabinoids CBD Supplements for Dogs and Cats - Shop Now
Click here to read about CBD Oil
Muttropolis Free Shipping over 150
5% Off PetConfirm Animal Wellness Tests
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Animal Wellness Home Testing Kits

Indestructible Dog Toys

There’s all sorts of dog toys on the market but are they safe? Are they practical? What good is a toy that your dog will tear up in 2 minutes or potentially hurt themselves with? So what really makes a Fun Safe Dog Toy safe? Sometimes finding a good safe toy is based on the dog’s personality…

Click here to find out more... New 2018 Indestructible Dog Toys for Your Pooch!
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