A Great Dog Swimming Pool for Small Dog or Cat Plus A Pet Bathtub

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Dog Swimming Pool for Small Dog & Pet Bathtub

Sweetie Has a New Dog Swimming Pool for Small Dog That is Great for Baths Too!

Are you looking for a Dog Swimming Pool for Small Dog? I bought this small dog and cat pool on Amazon. While I bought it primarily for Sweetie I plan to also see if Honey the cat wants to use it. Honey has a fascination with water in the tub. When she hears the faucet she comes running over. I plan to add some robotic fish to this small pet pool and see what happens.

The first photo shows Sweetie getting ready to try LILYS PET Portable Folding Bath tub Swimming Pool for Small Dogs and Cats. Her favorite JW Hol-ee Roller Dog Toy is in the pool waiting for her. As Sweetie was afraid of the edges of Xena’s Alcott Mariner Dog pool I thought she’d be afraid of this pool. But she showed no fear and played with the ball when in pool.

The next step was a bath. She did pretty good with that too! So the LILYS PET pool for small pets not only makes a great pet pool for small pets but a nice small portable bathtub too! And best of all this small pet pool is a Ruff Tuff Pet Toy as it seems very durable.

So I highly recommend this small pet pool. I bought this Dog Swimming Pool for Small Dog on Amazon. Just click to find out more on Amazon and read all the positive reviews.

Find out how it is for Cats

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