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Dog Cooling Products for the warmer months
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Dog Attack Protection: Protect Pet From Vicious Dogs As This Can Lead To Anxiety

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This Month’s Featured Pool:

The warm weather is here and doesn’t your dog deserve a nice swimming pool too? Dog swimming pools come in many shapes and sizes. And there’s so many types. For example, The Guardian Gear Splash About Dog Pool comes in 3 sizes for your puppy. The Portable Alcott Mariner PVC Lining Inflatable Dog Swimming Pool comes in 1 size but can hold 2 female German Shepherds (See our review and where to get more info and/or purchase). These dog swimming pools are great. They are portable, durable and even fold up to store away in the colder months. Your dog will love it! Click here for more info and see all dog pool options.

Read the Review See Many New Pools!

Natural Tick and Flea Control

Interested in Natural Tick and Flea Control and Prevention that really works? You should try the Amber Flea and Tick Collar with Adjustable Chain for Dogs and Cats! This Amber Flea and Tick Collar Review is based on my experience over the past 2 months for my 2 German Shepherds. The collar is adjustable. There are several sizes and it is for both dogs and cats. It’s a nice looking collar in appearance. And the way it works is that it releases aromatic terpenes and these simply repel ticks and fleas just by itself. Click here for more info.

CBD Supplements for Dogs and Cats - Shop Now

Pet Anxiety Relief

Pet Anxiety: Help for Dog Anxiety and Scaredy Cats!

The ThunderCap or M Calming Cap by Thundershirt…Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Shirt May Help Dogs and Cats:

A Dog Anxiety Blindfold Cap or Anxiety Cap/Mask May Help May End Barking At Other Dogs and More

Does your dog have anxiety, bark and growl at approaching dogs or not want to go where you want them to because they are afraid? Are you looking for dog anxiety solutions?

When I first got Xena she was very shy and anxious as she came from a puppy mill and must have had some terrifying experiences. She was horrified of kids and is still to this day though not as bad as she was. In general she fears people but tolerates them. Other dogs are different story and show a totally different side to her. If she walks with me a lone and another dog approaches… Click here for more info about these solutions and other available items that may help. And the ThunderShirt is for cats too!

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Dog Attack Protection: Protect Pet From Vicious Dogs
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Dog Cooling Products for the warmer months
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