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Pet Personality Can Determine Best Pet Pool

Sometimes Selecting Dog Pool Means Seeing Who Also May Like A Pool

Last Summer Sweetie did not use Xena’s pool much. She seems to be afraid of the inflatable sides. Overall it wasn’t a hot summer so not a big deal. But not all Summers are cool. I think a small dog pool would work well. When Sweetie goes in a pool she just wants to cool down. She doesn’t play in it like Xena. I also recently noticed Honey my cat being really interested in water. A handyman replaced my bathroom sink faucet resulting in no hot water faucet. So I had to use the shower handle to fill a bowl with warm water. During this time Honey was very interested in the shower head. The water coming out fascinated her. She even let me shower her back with it. Most cats would be horrified. But not her. She seems to like it. So I think she may like a little pool in the tub. So considering Sweetie and Honey it seems to be time for checking out Dog Swimming Pools for Small Dogs and Cats. I now have narrowed it down to 2. The first Dog Pools for Small Pets below is now in my Amazon cart:

A Dog Swimming Pool for 2 German Shepherds

Xena and Zoey loved the big Dog Pool. But Sweetie was afraid of it.

The next choice is for Sweetie. It has a different type of side panels which may not frighten her. It folds up for easy storage. Plus it has a side drain as opposed to one under the pool. That’s important for easy draining. Here it is below on Amazon. Click below and you can read the positive reviews…:

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