Naming A Dog

When considering to purchase a puppy and committing to the purchase you will often find yourself discussing with the family what to name the dog or puppy that you’ve purchased. There’s so many different dog names today, that it can get overwhelming choosing the right fit, for your dog or puppy. More often we’ll choose something obvious to us, but my family liked to choose a name that was a play on words with relation to our last name. The kids were only little when we got our Moodle puppy and the vet told us all at one of the first appointments that chocolate could kill a puppy this size, so never to feed him chocolate even as he got older and bigger as it was like poison to dogs. So we named our dog Cadbury as in Cadbury chocolate, due to our last name being Harm. We love our Moodle his been the best of pals to us all and loves to snuggle with us of an evening on the lounge or at the end of one of our beds.

As he’s a home puppy, he is very protective and temperamental to visitors that come inside and don’t acknowledge him and give him a pat. He will continue to chase their feet until they pat him and say hello. Often he will growl at men, which is he’s way of protecting the family.

When we walk him, I need to make sure that one of the kids holds his leash as he’s very protective of me, I guess that’s because I generally feed him and pick up after him. He walks great with the kids and they love to take him out in the sunshine. Most of all though Cadbury loves to play with the kids on the grass in the backyard. He chases them and thinks it’s a lot of fun, running around or chasing a ball.

I don’t often get him wet as he is so little that his’ ear’s will get infected if we don’t dry them properly. But that’s no big issue, we just know what our little doggie needs and we accommodate him accordingly.

Cadbury loves to play with toys that have a squeaky sound in them. He will chase and chase them all day, and when sleeping, often has them sitting right next to him, so that he can pick it up and drag it over to us for more play time. Whenever we wake in the morning he’s right there ready to greet us with a kiss and a pat. He follows us all around the house whenever we’re at home on the weekend. Loves to sit in the sun whilst I’m hanging out the washing and loves running around like a crazy dog after having a bath. As he’s half Toy Poodle and half Maltese he doesn’t shed fur, and is really great for people who have allergies, or asthma, as he doesn’t set them off. We often will wash him with a wool wash after anti flea shampooing to give him a soft and fluffy coat.

Owning a dog has taught the kids a great load of responsibility. They help with the feeding at times and the washing and love to play and take care of Cadbury. He’s been a real pal to them as they’ve grown and is now approaching his seventh dog year. We hope to have him around for another five years, as we all know that dogs don’t live as long as humans. Do you love your pet dog too?


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