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Xena_anxiety_cap copyThe ThunderCap or M Calming Cap by Thundershirt…Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Shirt May Help Dogs and Cats:
A Dog Anxiety Blindfold Cap or Anxiety Cap/Mask May Help May End Barking At Other Dogs and More
Does your dog have anxiety, bark and growl at approaching dogs or not want to go where you want them to because they are afraid? Are you looking for dog anxiety solutions?

When I first got Xena she was very shy and anxious as she came from a puppy mill and must have had some terrifying experiences. She was horrified of kids and is still to this day though not as bad as she was. In general she fears people but tolerates them. Other dogs are different story and show a totally different side to her. If she walks with me a lone and another dog approaches and the dog does not appear to be a threat she ignores the dog. But if she is with Zoey who has been attacked a lot she thinks every dog is a threat. The first thing I tried for her anxiety was some advice from the vet who wanted to put her on Prozac. When I found out about the side effects I said “No Thanks!” and for years tried everything and was ready to give up on the idea of having her not react to other dogs. But the M Calming Cap by Thundershirt, the Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Shirt worked for my dogs… Click here for more info about these solutions and other available items that may help. And the ThunderShirt is for cats too!


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